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7 Successful Principals of Life for Success and Happiness English Story

We all wish to be successful and happy in our life. When we see success around us, we wish to have a beautiful and happy life like them. We always wonder, what are the things, and differences which make us different from successful and happy people?

7 Successful Principals of Life for Success and Happiness English Story
   7 Successful Principals of Life for Success and Happiness English Story

This is the story of a man who reveals the 7 successful principals of life for success and happiness. According to him, if we implement these principals in our life, then we can be happy and successful like other successful people.

   7 Successful Principals of Life for Success and Happiness English Story

The man was not happy with his life. One day he ended his life so he could get rid of all of his problems. As he was about the jump in the river, he saw an ant. The ant was trying to cross a water path.

The ant tried so many ways, but the ant couldn’t cross the water path. After 3 hours of hard work, the ant finally crossed the water path.

The man got inspiration from that ant, and he researched successful and normal people. Over the last 10 years of research, he found the 7 successful principals of life.

1) Always be proactive, don’t be reactive

Being a proactive means, be a responsible person. We cannot blame others for our mistakes. We take responsibility for our mistakes; we analyze everything and try to find the solution for each problem.

Reactive people always blame others and try to get rid of their problems. Whereas proactive people face the challenges and make a path for themselves.

2) Set a goal and walk on the correct path

Most of us waste our time on something which is not important to us. The most effective people do not waste our time on something which is not important for them.

The primary focus of their life is on their goal. They set a mission statement in their life. This statement sets a clear path to move forward towards their goal. We cannot achieve success in one day. Hard work, patience, consistency is required.

3) Always finish the important work first

Most of us show them busy, but in reality, they are not that busy. At first always do those things first, which are important. This work will put an enormous impact on your life.

Second do those works which are important, but not urgent. A third give importance to those works which are not important but urgent. Last, those works which are neither important nor urgent.

According to your goal, choose the importance and urgent need for your work.

4) Always think for win

We need not defeat or compete to win against everyone. Win with everyone and think good for everyone.

Find a solution to the problem, so that everyone could win with you without competing. Don’t be selfish think to change others’ life.

5) Try to understand people

If you understand people, then only people will understand you. We don’t understand people, and we expect them to understand us. We should listen and understand others, then only they will understand.

Always listen and understand them, and then from your experience put our suggestion in front of them. To understand people and analyze their experience.

6) Always change yourself with the time

We all differ from each other. We thought the way we work is all different from others. To change ourselves, we need to change our physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual thoughts.

Keep learning new things every day, do not stop learning. Don not hate things, find beauty and happiness in everything. Start your day with positive thinking.

7) Give importance to your time

As we know, “time doesn’t wait for us”. Do not waste your time on something stupid, which is not important for you. Invest your time to proceed toward your goals.

There is no tomorrow, only today. Whatever you are planning or thinking does it today itself. If you wait for the right time, then you could never do that in your life.

Learning: If we use these 7 successful principals in our life, then we will see changes in our life. These 7 principals will change us into a whole different happy and successful person.

  • What did you learn from these 7 principals, and how will you use these in your life? Let us know in the comment section.

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A High School Romance English Love Story

A high school love story will always be a memorial for us. We all have fallen once in love with our classmates in school, but only a few love stories reach its destination. A high school love story is the most beautiful, and first love of our life.

A High School Romance English Love Story
A High School Romance English Love Story

This is an amazing high school romance love story of Jen and jean. Where Jen meets jean in secondary element school. They started talking with each other and eventually fall in love with each other in high school. After high school, they get separated from each other, but their love was true, so they meet after their graduation and marry each other.

A High School Romance English Love Story

Jen was a very naughty boy in elementary school. He doesn’t like to study; they considered him as a bad boy in his school. Jen was very good at sports activities. No one was as good as Jen in sports.

One day jean gets admission to the school. Jean was a transfer school student from another city. Jean was a shy girl. She did not understand how to make friends. Jean always stays alone in the classroom, and after school, she walks alone.

One day in the school jean forgets her notebook in the class. Coincidentally, Jen gets that notebook. The notebook has no name on it, so Jen does not understand whose notebook is this. Jen was getting late, so he took that notebook with him.

Jen was getting bored at his home. Then he remembers the notebook he found in the classroom. He opens to see that book. He sees a sketch drawn in the notebook. Jen looks all over the notebook. But he didn’t get any name written on it. At last, he finds the phone number written on the last page of the notebook.

Jen message on the number, but he gets no reply, so he goes to sleep. The morning when Jen gets up, he finds a pop-up message on his phone. The message was from jean, “I think you have my notebook which I left in the school. My name is jean, please return me to my notebook thanks”.

The next day Jen returns the book to jean. They became good friends. Now they started talking with each other. Slowly they started going home together with each other. Their friendship turned into love when they reached high school.

They started dating each other. They both passed high school, but this was the turning point of their love life. jen’s dad got a promotion from his company so their family will get a shift in another country.

Jen told me that his family will shift to another country within a few days to jean, and said I will always love you no matter where I live. Jean makes a promise with Jen that after their graduation they will meet again.

The day Jen was about to leave, Jean gives her notebook to Jen and says this was the reason we met. Keep this notebook with you, if you ever miss me, just look at this notebook. As Jen gets into the car jean cries looking at her Jen too starts crying.

They completed their graduation after 6 six years. They both never got in contact with each other, since they got separated from each other. It’s been a very hard time for them to stay away from each other.

Jen plans that he will go to meet jean, and give her a surprise. Jen comes back to his old city. He goes to meet jean at her home, but he didn’t find jeans. He got to know that jean’s family shifted their house. They no longer live here.

Jen goes to school to find out about jean but he didn’t find her new home address. He went to church. He was praying to meet jean again. Jen always carries that notebook which jean had given to Jen.

As Jen leaves the church, he forgets that notebook in the church. As he reaches into the hotel room, then he realizes that he lost that notebook. He goes everywhere to search for that book, but he didn’t get it.

What god has planned for us we don’t know? The miracle of god no one knows. Coincidentally jean visit that church.

Jean was praying. As she leaves that church, she finds her notebook. She remembers that this is the same notebook which she had given to Jen. She realizes that Jen came here to meet her.

She searches for him. But she couldn’t find Jen. At last, she returns to school. On the other side, Jen remembers that while praying he left that notebook in the church. When he enters the church. Then there was no notebook. Jen sadly sits over there.

When jean opens her notebook, she finds a different sketch drawn by Jen. When she opens the last page of note there, she finds her old number, and one more number written in the notebook.

Jean just calls on the number, and that Jen picks up the call. Jean tells Jen that she found his notebook, and she asked him to meet at the church so she can return the notebook.

Jen was sitting over there, then jean comes there they both saw each other and starts crying. While crying they hug each other. Finally, they meet after 6 long years.

They married with each other and stayed happily ever after. The high school love finally meets again.

  • Do you believe in high school love and genuine love? Let us know your thought on love in the comment section.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth

The power of a mother’s love for his child is a unique, trusted, and loveable bond than any other powerful bond. When it comes to her child, she can fight from god to protect her child. A mother’s love is priceless.

A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth
   A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth

This is an English story where a mother dies as she gives birth to his child. Later an eight-year-old girl remembers everything about her past life that this is her rebirth, a new life. She searches for his son, and luckily, she meets her son and stays with her happily.

   A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth

A poor 6 months pregnant mother used to stay alone after his husband’s death. She used to work as a maid. She had lost all the hope of living, but she was alive for his don so she can see him.

The place where she works as a maid, the owner has no child of their own. The owner was so kind, when they saw she is pregnant, and work anymore. They allow her to stay with unless she gives birth to his child.

Finally, the day has come when she was about to give birth. What god has planned for us no one knows? The complication case emerged during birth. The doctor has one option either to save the mother or the baby.

The owner said to save the mother, but the mother said to save my baby. The doctor tried to save the mother but they couldn’t save her, but her baby was in excellent condition.

After 8 years, a small girl sees a similar dream. She started seeing these dreams every day. She stared, seeing her past life in her dreams. She doesn’t understand, why does she suddenly start seeing these dreams?

Even after one month, she kept on seeing these dreams. She ignored all of his dreams, and she started focusing on her studies. One day her school planned to take all students for the picnic for 7 days.

She also goes on the school picnic trip with her friends. By chance, the picnic place was the same village where she had died in her previous life, but the girl did not understand it.

As one a day passed there and started realizing that she has seen this place before in her dreams. What god has planned for us, we do not understand?

It’s a coincidence, the magic of god or the mother’s love, but the girl remembers everything of her past life. She remembered her child and the place.

An eight-year-old girl left her camp in the night and started searching for his baby. “If you are old or young, but the mother’s love will always be the same for his child”.

She searches for his owner from a past life. She finds the house of his owner. She enters the house and starts searching for her child. The owner of the house comes out, and asks these eight years old girls, what are you searching for?

The girl asks them, where is my son? It confused them. Who is her girl? Why does she ask for her son? They started asking her question, who are you?

The girl replied, I’m the maid of your house; I died leaving my son with you. I have come back to meet my son. It confused the owners. The girl said everything about her past and present life. After hearing everything, they could not believe this could be possible too.

They show her a child playing in the house's backyard. They said this is your grown-up child. After your death, we raised him as our child. Seeing her child, the girl was fortunate, but she was sad too because she was the same age as her child.

The girl told them now I can’t take care of my child because he will not recognize me. I am happy you raise that, my son. I will leave him here with you, and I will never return. Saying this, the girl returns to his school picnic camp, and she never came back to meet his son again.

The mother’s love is invincible for his child. Even death can’t stop a mother to see his child. A mother who takes rebirth to meet his child again. Mother’s love from death to rebirth.

  • Do you believe in rebirth or rebirth is fake? Let us know your thought-on rebirth.

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Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son

The bond between father and son is unbreakable. The bond between father and son builds on trust, love, belief, care, respect, honesty, support, and happiness.

Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son
Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son

Sometimes because of misunderstanding distances increases between father and son but their powerful bond and love vanishes all the misunderstanding and brings them close.

Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son

This is a heart-touching emotional story of a father and his son. A father who raises his son, and makes him successful, but the son doesn’t understand his father’s sacrifices and leaves him. Late the son realizes his mistakes and comes back to his father and apologizes for his father.

One of the most important days in a man’s life is when he becomes a father. A father keeps lots of expectations from his son. A father will always want his son to be more successful in his life than him.

A father raises his child happily and fulfills all of his demands. He affords a beautiful life and high education for his son. The father wanted to be an engineer, but due to the family’s financial problem, he couldn’t become an engineer.

He provided higher education for his son so that his son can become an engineer. Immense love and support from a father, his son become an engineer.

Soon the boy gets a good job and gets settled in his carrier. The father was lucky now he can spend the rest of his life happily staying with his son.

The boy gets married, after the marriage he tells his dad now he can’t stay with him. The father wanted his son to stay with him, but the son left his father alone.

The father had so many expectations from his son, but his son doesn’t understand what his father wants from him until he leaves him alone.

The father doesn’t force his son to stay with him. He wanted his son to always stay happy, so the father agreed to his decision.

We all know that time is the biggest healer. As time passes everyone got used to their life. Now the son becomes a father.

As he became a father after that he realized the father’s love. He remembers all of his struggles and sacrifices of his father. He returns to meet his father.

He searches at his old house. But he couldn’t find his father, because his father had sold that home to someone else. He tried everything, but he didn’t find it. He was feeling hopeless and realizing all of his mistakes.

He went into the temple and prayed to God to forgive him for what he did in the past. As he was about to leave the temple, then he saw his father in the temple.

Seeing his father after a long time, he started crying and falls on his foot. The son asked his father to forgive him. The father pulled his son up and hugged him.

The father said I just wanted you to be happy in your life. When I saw you are not happy with my appearance, I felt bad about this and left the house.

The son replied I need a father’s love I can’t stay with you that’s why I came here to take you with me. The father answered I’m happy with my life I can’t go with you but anytime you wish to meet me you can meet me.

The father refused to go with him, Father said I have made lots of good friends like me, and now I want to stay with them for the rest of my life.

The son learned the biggest lesson of his life. He told this story to his son, like how he got detached from his father.

Learning: Heart touching emotional story of a father and his son's story gives us a large life lesson. The parents put lots of effort to make our life happy. As we grow up, we forget their sacrifices and leave him alone.

“This is our duty to make them feel proud, and take care of them for the rest of their life, never let them feel sad, always make your parents happy”.

  • How will you make your parents happy and make them feel proud? Let us know your answer.

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Three Golden Magical Words Of Life Fairy Tale English story

Three golden magical words of life, story teach us the three most important lessons of our life. As time passes the life changes, we should judge nobody by their appearance.

Three golden magical words of life   

As we grow in life, we learn so many new things. While learning we make so many mistakes and we learn from them. The important thing is that what we have learned we should never forget that learnings. we should implement those learnings in our life to make it better.

Three golden magical words of life

Once upon a time, a king has three 3 sons. His sons were grown, but the king always used to worry about them. The king always worries that after his death, their son might not rule his kingdom.

One day the king was sleeping at night, so an angle comes into his dream, and the angel tells him god has sent me to help you. The god is impressed by your kindness, so he sends me here to help you. You can ask me anything I will help you.

The king said I have everything given by god; I just need one small help. My sons are not mature, I want to teach them life lessons. The angle tells the king,’ Three golden magical words’ this will help his sons to learn life lessons.

The next morning the king calls his sons to him and asked them to do one small work. The king tells them you have to search a peach tree on the mountain. Once you find that tree, bring his fruit.

The first son said this is a straightforward task, we can easily do this. The king said you will not go together. Each of you will go after three months, one after the other. All his sons agreed with what the king said to them to do.

The first son goes on a journey in a search of peach fruit. He returns within one day. He goes to meet the king, but the king says you all come together when you get the fruits.

After three months the second son goes on the journey, he too returns within one day. As the king said the third son went after three months in a search of fruits. After six months, all three sons come back to the king.

The king asks them now to show me the peach fruits which you got. The first son says I went on a mountain, and I saw a peach tree, but there were no fruits and leaves on the tree. I bought his broken part of the tree.

The second son replies, you might have seen the wrong peach tree. I have seen a peach tree on the mountain but there were no fruits on the tree but it has leaf and flowers. I bought the leaf of the peach tree as proof.

Now the third sons say you both must have seen the wrong tree because I have brought the peach fruit. All the three sons discuss among themselves; how did he get the peach trees. Whereas there were no fruits on the tree.

The king tells them you all have seen the right peach tree. Peachtree takes 6 months to bloom, and I have sent you all at different times. So, whatever you have seen id true.

At the start, it has no flowers and leaf on the tree but after three months the leaf and flowers started growing on the tree. After three months, the tree started bearing fruits on the tree.

The king said to his sons, “I wanted to teach you all the Three golden magical words of life”.

The first golden magical words of life are that you have learned from this is we should wait till the end. We should not be in a hurry, we should observe it, analyze things properly, and then conclude.

The second golden magical words of life are that you have learned from this task is, we should not judge too quickly. Before judging anyone, we must know its past life and present life. Judging too quickly will have to give us the wrong information. We should know everything and then properly decide.

Last, the third golden magical words of life are that time does not wait for anyone. Times change, and with the flow of time, person, environment, and life changes. Just like that peach tree, at the start, it has no fruits and flowers, but as time passed it started bearing fruits and gets converted into a beautiful tree.

He taught these three golden magical words of life to his sons given by the angel. Now the king is happy that his sons have learned the grates lesson of their life. Now the king can die in peace.

Learning: Three golden magical words of life story, teach us three important life lessons like Wait till the end, do not judge too quickly, person changes with the time they never stay the same.

  • What have you learned from this story, please share your thoughts with us?

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The Power Of Forgiveness Short New English story

The Power of forgiveness is the greatest quality of any human being. We all do mistakes in our life, sometimes we feel guilty about our inappropriate behavior. The person who forgives others and moves forward is the strongest.

The Power Of Forgiveness Short New English story
The Power of forgiveness

This is a story of two friends Sam and Andy, where Sam always creates problems for everyone but Andy always comes forward to save Sam, and he takes all the blame on himself.

The Power of forgiveness

One day Sam asks Andy to help him because he was about to create a big problem for everyone. Andy refuses to help Sam on his plan, Sam got angry, and he broke his friendship with Andy.

After two days, Sam realized that he has done something bad with people and Andy. He was guilty of himself, and he begs everyone for forgiveness, but no one forgives him.

He meets one priest and tells him everything that happened with him. He asks the priest to show him a path so that everyone could forgive him.

The priest suggests to him first you should ask forgiveness from your friend. If he forgives you, then everyone will forgive you, because he was the one who had been saving you from all your mistakes.

He goes to meet Andy and asks him to forgive him for what he did to Andy. Andy smiles and forgives him and says I was never angry with you, but I wanted to make you realize that you have been doing wrong.

Now you have understood your mistakes and accepted it, I am happy for you, and we will together ask everyone to forgive us.

Slowly and steadily everyone forgives him, now he helps others and teaches everyone to Power of forgiveness.

“The person who forgives others is the strongest among all humans everyone does not possess because of the power of forgiveness”

LearningThe Power Of Forgiveness story tell us Forgiving others will not show us big or small, but it will help us forget everything and move forward. The power of forgiveness is a gift to change others and our life.

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The Search For Happiness Moral short kid English story

The search for happiness, Happiness is one of the unique aspects of our life. Without happiness, life is like a blank paper or a book. We often see the happiest people are unique and successful people.

The Search For Happiness Moral short kid English story
The Search For Happiness

How do we define happiness? We usually see people define happiness with other’s wealth, beauty, livings, prosperity, and many more things. Is this the definition of true happiness?

The Search For Happiness

The search for happiness is a short English story of a crow where we will know the exact meaning of happiness. How can we stay happy in our life with what we have?

Once upon a time, there was one black crow, and he used to stay very sad because of his black color. Whenever he sees other animals and birds, he feels jealousy.

He always believes that he is the most unhappy creature in this world. Other creatures are happier than him, they stay happy.

One day the crow visits a saint and the black crow asks him why god made him black, whereas other animals have beautiful color, and they are happy.

The saint looks carefully at the crow, and then he asks the crow to go in a search of the happiest creature. If the crow finds the happiest creature, then the saint will change his black color.

The black crow becomes thrilled, and he flies in search of the happiest creatures. He sees a swan swimming in a pond. He goes there and asks swan you have a beautiful white color you must be the happiest creature in the world.

The swan replies this white color is of no use for me, look at the sky it’s the same as me. I hate myself because sometimes I don’t get food to eat.

The black crow flies from there and comes in the forest. Everywhere is greenery he couldn’t see anyone, then he sees a parrot on the tree. He goes near the parrot and asks the parrot you might be the happiest creature in this world.

The parrot replies, is this a lucky life, you think? You didn’t even see me in this green forest. My green color gets a mix in this. The parrot says I’m not happy with my life.

The crow moves forward, and he meets peacock. The crow asks peacock you have beautiful wings, a beautiful color body you must be the happiest creature in this world.

The peacock says hunters always search for me to hunt. I have to run from them to save myself. They are behind my beautiful features. I don’t have peace in my life. Every day I have to save my life to survive.

Frustrated crow asks the peacock, then who is the happiest creature in this world. The peacock says the happiest creature is you.

You don’t have to run to save your life from hunters. No one can keep you in the cage until you have freedom. We can see you in the forest and in the sky. People feed you, you have no problem in your life. You are the happiest creature in the world.

The crow returns to the saint and tells him I understood what you were trying to explain to me.

The saint tells him everyone has problems in their life. When we see others, we think they are happier than us. We can never tell that he is suffering from which problem.

“We should always stay happy with what we have, and what we are”.

We often get sad when we see that someone is having more than us but we never know that is might not be the happiest even if he has everything. We should stay happy, not by judging others.

Learning: The search for happiness, Kid story, defines happiness in a simple word that we should not judge others just because they have everything, they might the happiest person.

 We choose our way of happiness, it’s we who decide whether we have to stay happy with what we have? And who we are?

  • What does happiness mean in your life or the reason to always stay happy? Please let us know, what is your thought over happiness?