Monday, August 10, 2020

Forgiveness Of Love New English Story

Forgiveness of love, Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities of a person. It’s very hard for us to forgive someone who has done wrong with us. As God says, where is forgiveness there is love.

Forgiveness Of Love New English Story
 Forgiveness Of Love

This is a story of two lovers, In the cycle of time, both become guilty of each other. There was pure love between them, which made them forgive each other.

 Forgiveness Of Love

A poor boy from the village had come for higher studies in the city. Boy’s dream was to be a successful person so he could live happily with his family

He fell in love with one girl from his college. Slowly they started dating each other and came closer to each other. They were together for 4 years in the same college. After graduation they made a promise with the girl that very soon he will marry her.

After graduation, the boy returned to his village, and he started working in his village. One day his father gets a heart attack. He took his father to the hospital doctor successfully cured his father, but the doctor told his father won’t live longer.

The doctor told him don’t give him any kind of stress, keep him always happy otherwise if he gets another stress or depression, then he will die from a heart attack.

The same night his father tells him I have seen a girl for you, and I want to see your marriage. His father told him as you were studying in the city, I made a promise with my friend that after graduation my son will marry your daughter.

The boy was about to tell his father that he loves someone else, but he remembers the doctor’s word that he should make his father happy, otherwise his father will die soon. As he sees his father smiling, he couldn’t refuse, and he agrees to get married to his father’s choice.

Sometimes as we want to live our life, it doesn’t go that way, a problem always comes to destroy our happiness. The same thing happened with the boy.

One day he had one important meeting in the city. He went to attend that meeting, but by the change; he meets his first love in the meeting. The girl was lucky that she met him after a long time.

After the meeting, they met at a restaurant, and the girl started talking happily with him. He tells her now we settle us both in our life, now we should marry each other. The boy wanted to tell her that he is married, but he cannot express his feeling.

He lies from the girl, and return to his village. One day the girl plans to visit the boy and give him a surprise. The girl has no idea she will get the surprise. Asking everyone she reaches his home.

There she saw his wife. Then she asks her who are you? this is Akash’s home. Akash is the name of the boy. His wife tells her I’m his wife. The boy arrives there, and he sees her wife and her love.

The boy starts explaining what happened to him, and he ends up marrying this girl. After listening to him both the girl starts to cry because he lied to both of them, and did not tell about this earlier.

Here we just can’t say who is right or who is wrong because this wasn’t planned it just happened. We can’t say the boy is wrong or both the girls are right at their place.

Learning: The forgiveness of love English story is based on the true incident; this story tells us that while choosing the correct path we should see the consequences of all the paths.

  •  Question: According to you who is right or who is wrong in this Forgiveness of love English story. Please let us know your thoughts on this story thank you.

Friday, August 7, 2020

The Sad joker True English Story

The sad jokerThe person who always laughs smiles, and stays happy doesn’t mean he is happy in his life. In today’s world, most of us hide our sad faces behind their unreal happy face.

The Sad joker True English Story
The sad joker

 As we see joker on stage who make us laugh every time, but behind that smiley face we fail to see his struggle, sadness, and an alone person. 

 The sad joker

This is a story of a sad joker who makes everyone happy in their life, but deep down he is always alone, sad, and broken. 


This is the story of a man who used to stay alone and always search for good work for his survival. The everyday day he works but at the end of the day, he finds himself alone and broken.


He was very good at making people laugh through his actions. But making others laugh will not get him food and shelter, so he kept everything within him.


One day he was walking on the road in search of work, but that day he didn’t get any work. One man saw him, and asked him are you searching for work?


The man without any hesitation replied yes, I am searching for work. I will do any kind of work good or bad just give me work.


The second man replied I need a man who can work as a joker in my show. You need to make everyone laugh through your actions will you be able to do it.


The man said I will try my best to make everyone laugh. He wears a joker’s costume and goes to perform on the stage. He had no idea, what he is going to do?


He doesn’t say a single word but with his actions he made everyone laugh. The next day, he was trending in the newspaper with his unique name the, ‘sad joker’.


The owner of a circus came to meet this man, and he signed a contract of 1 million dollars with him. Luckily the man got rid of all his problems and now he was ready to shine in the world.


Day by day he became more popular all over the globe. People all over the world come to watch his shows. He became so famous that people started knowing him as a ‘sad joker’.


One day he was requested to attend one interview. He went for the interview, their interviewer asked him why you make everyone laugh but why people call you a sad joker?


Beautifully he answered the question, it doesn’t mean who looks happy is happy from inside. Everyone has two faces hidden in themselves. 


The fake face is filled with happiness, love, money, and all kind of wealth. This fake face people show it to everyone.


The real face is filled with sadness, alone, broken, empty, and Imperfectness. They hide this from everyone only they know it.


In my acts I bring the real faces of people, I show them the reality of humans begins. Hen people see the reality they don’t accept or believe, and they start to laugh. 


They call me sad joker because I bring the sad act, I keep the real face of my life and people like to laugh at others' problems.


The interviewer got amazed by his answer. After one month ‘The Sad Joker’ book is published. This book was written by the interviewer.


It became one of the most selling books of all time. In that book, she wrote the autobiography of the sad joker.


In that book, he had written one of the most important messages were given by sad joker, ‘we should always show people our real face no matter how bad we look, in the end, everyone will know the real you and you get the inspiration for others’.


Learning: The sad joker English story tells us about the human’s nature. We should understand the real and fake faces of people.


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies English moral story

The beautiful bond between a boy and FirefliesFire files are awesome to see during night time. They glow like stars and radiate lights everywhere. Fireflies are not the same as other flies they have the unique ability like humans to radiate light.

The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies

As we humans also can emit light through our great work like fireflies emits light. 

 The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies

This is a story of a beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies. How they both help each other to move forward in life and provide light to everyone.


One day 10 years old boy was passing by a pond during night time, then he hears someone crying. The boy moves toward the pond but he finds no person but still, he can hear the voice.


As he looks down, he sees a small firefly. The boy asks Firefly, why are you crying? The small fly replies, unlike my other members I’m not able to radiate light when I fly.


When I rest in one place, then only I radiate light but if I try to fly, I fail to emit light. That’s why no one except me, and I’m left alone in this world. This is the reason why I am sad and crying.


The little boy tells a small fly this is the same scenario with me. I’m alone too in this world. I don’t know about my parents, even I don’t have friends. 


The little boy tells fly not to worry about your light, one day it will glow and it will be brighter than others light. Life is beautiful but it is not easy, we need to keep trying until we get success in our life.


When I was small, I had no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no shelter to stay. Life was hard to survive but I did not give up I tried to live the life. There are lots of things in this world to learn.


An old man adopted me from the road he raises me big, and he taught me not to give up on life. At the start, it will look like a burden but it makes us strong to survive.


If you get used to it then you will never get afraid of your problem. You will see it as an opportunity. 


The small Firefly understands what a boy is about to tell him. the small fly makes a promise with a boy like you I will not run from my problems I will face it. One day I’ll become a great fly.


The fly flew away, and the boy moves toward his home. The boy every day goes near the pond and talks with the small Fireflies. But still, the fly wasn’t able to emit light. 


One day at night the boy sees a bright light glowing near the pond. He ran toward the pond and saw his friend's small fly is glowing and radiating brighter light.


Looking at small fly all the fireflies come near the bond. The first time the boy sees a beautiful light of fireflies.


The small fly comes near the boy, and tells him thanks for inspiring me, I would be like trash if you would have not inspired me. because of you today I got my members back.


The boy says it is all work hard work and believes which made you glow like a star. Now you are the brightest fly over here.


The make a promise with firefly unlike you one day I will become great. The boy and flies successfully move in their life and stayed happily.


Learning: The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies, an English moral story gives us a very important lesson in our life. Problems will come and go, but it depends upon us how we see our problems. 


If we look at our problem as an opportunity, then we will easily get success in our life.


If we see our problem as Burden, then no matter how hard we try we will never achieve success in our life. 


Sunday, August 2, 2020

The little Flying Bird English kid story

Our nature is beautiful, it has all kind of creatures, plants, beauty, ocean, etc. Everyone is happy with nature. But we humans are constantly destroying the beauty of our nature. 

The little Flying Bird English kid story
The Flying Bird

This is a story of a flying bird, who describes the reality of human beings how we are destroying our beautiful nature. 

 The Flying Bird

Once upon a time one small bird used to live with all his friends in the forest. One day in the afternoon elephant, rabbit, deer, bear, horse, and all animals were discussing forest beauty.


A small bird joins the party and tells everyone city life is beautiful than this forest life. There are lots of things to see and visit. 


Everyone tells humans have destroyed our nature, and they are living happily by destroying our nature. The way city looks is not like our beautiful forest. 


The small bird tells everyone I will visit the city, and check it myself which is a better place forest or city. Everyone warns small birds not to leave the forest otherwise she will have to face lots of problems.


The bird without listening to everyone flies toward the city. At night she reaches in the city. She gets amazed by the night lighting. Beautiful night view of the city the bird thinks it’s much more beautiful than our forest.


The next morning, she searches for the food everywhere. Everywhere she goes she finds the tall building, factories, construction, etc. she hardly finds any tree to stay.


As she flies ahead, she sees all the animals are locked in the cage, and people are making fun of them. She goes and talks with a parrot who he ends up staying here.


Parrot tells humans are very selfish for their living and enjoyment they are cutting down the forest. Putting all the animals in the cage. They are taking our freedom away from us.


As she flies ahead due to lots of pollution, she finds it difficult to breathe. Everywhere noise no food to eat. Small boys throwing rocks on her for fun. Spending one day in the city becomes very difficult for her.


She can’t spend one day happily in the city, finally, she decides to leave the city, and go back to the forest. 


He returns to the forest and describes the exact scenario of the city. How badly humans have destroyed our nature and us. She takes a promise that she will never return to the forest. 


When everyone asks her how was living in the city. She explains it very hard to get food and water. River water is so that dirty it’s not drinkable. All the sewage and dirt fall into the river. 

No marine life can survive longer in the river. Water gets poisonous day by day.


The air temperature is increasing very fast. Air is not good for breath all the toxic elements are present in the air. Lots of noises from vehicles, factories, construction, etc. 


They have cleared all the trees no tree in the city. All the animals are in prison. The land is covered with cement roads. There is no sun’s light to reach on the ground.


 They always fight with each other for their good. No one thinks about others everybody is busy with their goods.


We animals are better than humans at least we take care of each other. we are way better than those humans.


Everybody gets surprised because no one had ever heard these things about humans. Everybody praises her for the knowledge she has given to everyone.


Learning: The flying bird, this story tells us how badly we humans have destroyed our nature in the name of development. If we don’t stop, then one day we might lose our motherland Earth forever.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Million-dollar Dream Motivational English story

Dreams are attenable, for those who believe in their dreams. Most of us have a dream in their life but only a few people manage to grab their dreams. The ones who work hard to achieve their dreams are a successful person. The one who easily gives up on their dreams is unsuccessful in their life.

Million-dollar Dream Motivational English story

Million-dollar Dream

This is the story of a ‘Million-dollar dream’ of a boy. Where a boy work so hard to achieve his dream, and in the end, he achieves his Million-dollar dream.

Million-dollar Dream

A poor boy who lives in a slum area of Mumbai. As he was poor so he did not go to school. He used to work so that he could raise his family. He used to stay with his mom and a small sister. He had lost his father 2 years ago.

He used to love cricket as he was small, and his dream was to be a great cricketer. As he was poor so he gave up on his dream of becoming a cricketer. Every evening after work he goes to a cricket club just to watch players playing.

One day he got a job at the cricket club, without thinking anything he accepted the offer. His work was to clean the club and take care of the staff. 

Every night after work when everyone leaves the cricket club, he used to practice alone without telling this to anyone. One day as he practicing alone in the night someone observes him.

The next day he was serving tea to all the staff then one coach asks do you like cricket. He answered yes but I don’t have money to learn. 

In the evening the boy was watching practice, then the man calls him and asks him do you want to become a cricketer. The boy said, “yes”. The man tells him every night I watch you during practice. You are blessed with amazing talent.

I will train you to become a great trainer. The boy tells him I can’t because I work here to raise my family. If I don’t work, then my family will suffer. The man tells him you don’t worry about your family I will take care of them you just focus on your training.

The man starts his training. After one month under 16 cricket trails starts. The man tells him you need to perform well so that you get selected for under 16 teams.

This was the first failure of his life he doesn’t get selected in under 16 teams. The boy feels so frustrated. 

The man tells him it's not easy the way it looks, this your first failure. You are about to experience a lot more. They only way to tackle all these failures is to never give up on your dreams.

The man tells him one story. About 2 years ago he had a son. He was like you very hardworking. He was very good at cricket and wanted to play for team India. 

He worked so hard for under 19 cricket world cup selection. They didn’t select him, he was not able to bear the rejection, and he committed suicide. 

Whenever I see you, I think of my son. I lost my son but I don’t want you to lose. The boy starts crying and tells him I will become the world’s greatest cricketer.

The boy works so hard and gets selected in the under 19 cricket world cup. This was just the start of his journey, after one year he gets selected for team India. 

He creates so many world records. He finally achieved his Million-dollar dream to become a grates cricketer. 

During his retirement from cricket, he tells everyone his story of how he became so great. He mentioned that man is like a god for him who helped him to achieve his dream.

 He tells everyone no dream is big or small if you don’t give, keep trying, then one day you get success. Don’t leave your dream, you will face lots of failure in your life, but those failures will make you strong for further obstacles.

Keep working hard until you achieve your dream like I achieved mine.

LearningThe Million-dollar dream story gives us the lesson that we should have a dream. Until and unless you have a dream you can’t achieve it. If you gave a dream don’t think of other people what they say about your dream.

Achieve your dream, and prove them wrong.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Brilliant Idea new English story

The Brilliant Idea, Ideas are the power of human beings. A man without an idea is the same as an animal. The idea changes humans the person with a good idea and thought is greater than a man without an idea and thoughts.

The Brilliant Idea new English story
The Brilliant Idea    

The greatest ideas are changing the world in a whole different way. This is a story is about a man with his brilliant idea he changed the thinking of people.


The Brilliant Idea

in ancient times, people used to live in a cave, and they don’t go far away from their cave. They used to think that the world is very small if they leave their cave, then they might not return to their cave.

Among all those cavemen there was one 12 years old boy who’s used to think differently. The boy doesn’t like to stay in a cave. Every night he looks up in the sky, and wonder how big this world is?

Every day he tells his dad we should leave this cave and start exploring the world. After listening to him his father told him a short story. His father said if you leave this cave, then you will die. Monsters stay in this world, and this cave is the safest place for us to survive.

The boy wanted to go out on a journey but his dad doesn’t allow him to go out. One night the boy was sleeping, then he hears a sound. Slowly the boy moves out of the cave. He sees a fire burning ball is falling from the sky.

Without letting his father know the boy leaves the cave, and he started following the burning ball. Within a minute the burning ball disappears from the sky.

The boy goes in the direction of the burning ball. As he moves the next morning, he sees something new which he had never seen before. The boy sees a blue beautiful ocean.

The boy thinks he will tell about this to his dad, but he forgets the route to reach his cave. Now the boy is alone.

This is where the true beginning of life starts for the boy. The first two days the boy doesn’t get anything to eat. On the third he becomes very hungry, then he sees that the birds are eating fishes from the ocean.

The boy gets the idea and starts hunting fishes. The first time he learns to hunt fish and eat. He was amazed that we can eat fishes because he has never eaten fish before.

 A storm comes then he sees the coconut is falling off the tree. He opens coconut drinks coconut water. He was amazed by the coconut water.

As he spends his life alone, he learns so many things. Now the boy is grown big 20 years old. I these last 8 years he learns so many things, now he wanted to tell everyone that no monster exists in this world.

This world is full of wonders and learning. One day the boy decides to cross the ocean. He thought one beyond this ocean he might meet his father again.

The boy goes on a journey on a journey after three days of a long journey he finally reaches on an island. There the boy sees lots of people as soon as he tries to communicate with them those people capture the boy and put him in a cage.

The boys try to explain to them that is on a journey to search for his father. The people of the island don’t listen to him. the boy sees his father after 8 years.

Suddenly the earthquake starts, and island start to divide, everyone runs to save their life. The boy tells everyone that he can save them but for that, they need to set him free.

No one listens to him but his dad comes near him and asks him how can we get from here. The boy tells us we need to collect bamboo trees. We can build a raft and with the help of the raft we can get out from here.

No one believes him they say there is nothing beyond the ocean. This is the only land to stay but the boy says I have come from there you need to believe me otherwise we all will die here.

They got no other choice but to listen to the boy. They make a raft of bamboo, and before the island collapse, they easily get out of the island.

They reach on new land, the man asked him who are you? The boy says I’m your son's dad. The man remembers he lost his son 8 years ago. He starts crying and hugs his son.

The boy tells everyone how he manages to survive alone. During this time, he learned so many things. He tells everyone this world is so big and filled with so many wonders. We need to explore the world and find out all the wonders of the world.

His dad tells everyone now no more fear we will explore the world, and tell everyone about this world.

Due to The Brilliant Idea of a boy, everyone started thinking about ideas and new learning.

Learning from this story:  The brilliant idea story tells about that we should always be thinking about new things and ideas.