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The Brilliant Idea new English story

The Brilliant Idea, Ideas are the power of human beings. A man without an idea is the same as an animal. The idea changes humans the person with a good idea and thought is greater than a man without an idea and thoughts.

The Brilliant Idea new English story
The Brilliant Idea    

The greatest ideas are changing the world in a whole different way. This is a story is about a man with his brilliant idea he changed the thinking of people.


The Brilliant Idea

in ancient times, people used to live in a cave, and they don’t go far away from their cave. They used to think that the world is very small if they leave their cave, then they might not return to their cave.

Among all those cavemen there was one 12 years old boy who’s used to think differently. The boy doesn’t like to stay in a cave. Every night he looks up in the sky, and wonder how big this world is?

Every day he tells his dad we should leave this cave and start exploring the world. After listening to him his father told him a short story. His father said if you leave this cave, then you will die. Monsters stay in this world, and this cave is the safest place for us to survive.

The boy wanted to go out on a journey but his dad doesn’t allow him to go out. One night the boy was sleeping, then he hears a sound. Slowly the boy moves out of the cave. He sees a fire burning ball is falling from the sky.

Without letting his father know the boy leaves the cave, and he started following the burning ball. Within a minute the burning ball disappears from the sky.

The boy goes in the direction of the burning ball. As he moves the next morning, he sees something new which he had never seen before. The boy sees a blue beautiful ocean.

The boy thinks he will tell about this to his dad, but he forgets the route to reach his cave. Now the boy is alone.

This is where the true beginning of life starts for the boy. The first two days the boy doesn’t get anything to eat. On the third he becomes very hungry, then he sees that the birds are eating fishes from the ocean.

The boy gets the idea and starts hunting fishes. The first time he learns to hunt fish and eat. He was amazed that we can eat fishes because he has never eaten fish before.

 A storm comes then he sees the coconut is falling off the tree. He opens coconut drinks coconut water. He was amazed by the coconut water.

As he spends his life alone, he learns so many things. Now the boy is grown big 20 years old. I these last 8 years he learns so many things, now he wanted to tell everyone that no monster exists in this world.

This world is full of wonders and learning. One day the boy decides to cross the ocean. He thought one beyond this ocean he might meet his father again.

The boy goes on a journey on a journey after three days of a long journey he finally reaches on an island. There the boy sees lots of people as soon as he tries to communicate with them those people capture the boy and put him in a cage.

The boys try to explain to them that is on a journey to search for his father. The people of the island don’t listen to him. the boy sees his father after 8 years.

Suddenly the earthquake starts, and island start to divide, everyone runs to save their life. The boy tells everyone that he can save them but for that, they need to set him free.

No one listens to him but his dad comes near him and asks him how can we get from here. The boy tells us we need to collect bamboo trees. We can build a raft and with the help of the raft we can get out from here.

No one believes him they say there is nothing beyond the ocean. This is the only land to stay but the boy says I have come from there you need to believe me otherwise we all will die here.

They got no other choice but to listen to the boy. They make a raft of bamboo, and before the island collapse, they easily get out of the island.

They reach on new land, the man asked him who are you? The boy says I’m your son's dad. The man remembers he lost his son 8 years ago. He starts crying and hugs his son.

The boy tells everyone how he manages to survive alone. During this time, he learned so many things. He tells everyone this world is so big and filled with so many wonders. We need to explore the world and find out all the wonders of the world.

His dad tells everyone now no more fear we will explore the world, and tell everyone about this world.

Due to The Brilliant Idea of a boy, everyone started thinking about ideas and new learning.

Learning from this story:  The brilliant idea story tells about that we should always be thinking about new things and ideas.

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