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A High School Romance English Love Story

A high school love story will always be a memorial for us. We all have fallen once in love with our classmates in school, but only a few love stories reach its destination. A high school love story is the most beautiful, and first love of our life.

A High School Romance English Love Story
A High School Romance English Love Story

This is an amazing high school romance love story of Jen and jean. Where Jen meets jean in secondary element school. They started talking with each other and eventually fall in love with each other in high school. After high school, they get separated from each other, but their love was true, so they meet after their graduation and marry each other.

A High School Romance English Love Story

Jen was a very naughty boy in elementary school. He doesn’t like to study; they considered him as a bad boy in his school. Jen was very good at sports activities. No one was as good as Jen in sports.

One day jean gets admission to the school. Jean was a transfer school student from another city. Jean was a shy girl. She did not understand how to make friends. Jean always stays alone in the classroom, and after school, she walks alone.

One day in the school jean forgets her notebook in the class. Coincidentally, Jen gets that notebook. The notebook has no name on it, so Jen does not understand whose notebook is this. Jen was getting late, so he took that notebook with him.

Jen was getting bored at his home. Then he remembers the notebook he found in the classroom. He opens to see that book. He sees a sketch drawn in the notebook. Jen looks all over the notebook. But he didn’t get any name written on it. At last, he finds the phone number written on the last page of the notebook.

Jen message on the number, but he gets no reply, so he goes to sleep. The morning when Jen gets up, he finds a pop-up message on his phone. The message was from jean, “I think you have my notebook which I left in the school. My name is jean, please return me to my notebook thanks”.

The next day Jen returns the book to jean. They became good friends. Now they started talking with each other. Slowly they started going home together with each other. Their friendship turned into love when they reached high school.

They started dating each other. They both passed high school, but this was the turning point of their love life. jen’s dad got a promotion from his company so their family will get a shift in another country.

Jen told me that his family will shift to another country within a few days to jean, and said I will always love you no matter where I live. Jean makes a promise with Jen that after their graduation they will meet again.

The day Jen was about to leave, Jean gives her notebook to Jen and says this was the reason we met. Keep this notebook with you, if you ever miss me, just look at this notebook. As Jen gets into the car jean cries looking at her Jen too starts crying.

They completed their graduation after 6 six years. They both never got in contact with each other, since they got separated from each other. It’s been a very hard time for them to stay away from each other.

Jen plans that he will go to meet jean, and give her a surprise. Jen comes back to his old city. He goes to meet jean at her home, but he didn’t find jeans. He got to know that jean’s family shifted their house. They no longer live here.

Jen goes to school to find out about jean but he didn’t find her new home address. He went to church. He was praying to meet jean again. Jen always carries that notebook which jean had given to Jen.

As Jen leaves the church, he forgets that notebook in the church. As he reaches into the hotel room, then he realizes that he lost that notebook. He goes everywhere to search for that book, but he didn’t get it.

What god has planned for us we don’t know? The miracle of god no one knows. Coincidentally jean visit that church.

Jean was praying. As she leaves that church, she finds her notebook. She remembers that this is the same notebook which she had given to Jen. She realizes that Jen came here to meet her.

She searches for him. But she couldn’t find Jen. At last, she returns to school. On the other side, Jen remembers that while praying he left that notebook in the church. When he enters the church. Then there was no notebook. Jen sadly sits over there.

When jean opens her notebook, she finds a different sketch drawn by Jen. When she opens the last page of note there, she finds her old number, and one more number written in the notebook.

Jean just calls on the number, and that Jen picks up the call. Jean tells Jen that she found his notebook, and she asked him to meet at the church so she can return the notebook.

Jen was sitting over there, then jean comes there they both saw each other and starts crying. While crying they hug each other. Finally, they meet after 6 long years.

They married with each other and stayed happily ever after. The high school love finally meets again.

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