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A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth

The power of a mother’s love for his child is a unique, trusted, and loveable bond than any other powerful bond. When it comes to her child, she can fight from god to protect her child. A mother’s love is priceless.

A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth
   A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth

This is an English story where a mother dies as she gives birth to his child. Later an eight-year-old girl remembers everything about her past life that this is her rebirth, a new life. She searches for his son, and luckily, she meets her son and stays with her happily.

   A Mother’s love, an English story from death to rebirth

A poor 6 months pregnant mother used to stay alone after his husband’s death. She used to work as a maid. She had lost all the hope of living, but she was alive for his don so she can see him.

The place where she works as a maid, the owner has no child of their own. The owner was so kind, when they saw she is pregnant, and work anymore. They allow her to stay with unless she gives birth to his child.

Finally, the day has come when she was about to give birth. What god has planned for us no one knows? The complication case emerged during birth. The doctor has one option either to save the mother or the baby.

The owner said to save the mother, but the mother said to save my baby. The doctor tried to save the mother but they couldn’t save her, but her baby was in excellent condition.

After 8 years, a small girl sees a similar dream. She started seeing these dreams every day. She stared, seeing her past life in her dreams. She doesn’t understand, why does she suddenly start seeing these dreams?

Even after one month, she kept on seeing these dreams. She ignored all of his dreams, and she started focusing on her studies. One day her school planned to take all students for the picnic for 7 days.

She also goes on the school picnic trip with her friends. By chance, the picnic place was the same village where she had died in her previous life, but the girl did not understand it.

As one a day passed there and started realizing that she has seen this place before in her dreams. What god has planned for us, we do not understand?

It’s a coincidence, the magic of god or the mother’s love, but the girl remembers everything of her past life. She remembered her child and the place.

An eight-year-old girl left her camp in the night and started searching for his baby. “If you are old or young, but the mother’s love will always be the same for his child”.

She searches for his owner from a past life. She finds the house of his owner. She enters the house and starts searching for her child. The owner of the house comes out, and asks these eight years old girls, what are you searching for?

The girl asks them, where is my son? It confused them. Who is her girl? Why does she ask for her son? They started asking her question, who are you?

The girl replied, I’m the maid of your house; I died leaving my son with you. I have come back to meet my son. It confused the owners. The girl said everything about her past and present life. After hearing everything, they could not believe this could be possible too.

They show her a child playing in the house's backyard. They said this is your grown-up child. After your death, we raised him as our child. Seeing her child, the girl was fortunate, but she was sad too because she was the same age as her child.

The girl told them now I can’t take care of my child because he will not recognize me. I am happy you raise that, my son. I will leave him here with you, and I will never return. Saying this, the girl returns to his school picnic camp, and she never came back to meet his son again.

The mother’s love is invincible for his child. Even death can’t stop a mother to see his child. A mother who takes rebirth to meet his child again. Mother’s love from death to rebirth.

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