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Different Faces of Success New Inspirational English story

The way we see success, it seems very easy to achieve. We know success is difficult as it looks for us, but still, we believe that we can easily get success. Today we will know about the different faces of success.

Different Faces of Success  New Inspirational English story
Different Faces of Success  

We have heard many stories of success, and those stories motivate us to do something big in our life. How many of us know the pain, failure, stress, give up, left alone, and many more downfalls behind the success.

 Different Faces of Success

 In this English story, we will discuss all the different faces of success. How we can learn from these downfalls of success, and use this in our life to achieve success.


 A man who wanted to be rich like others. He researched how can he be rich in a short time. He learned about many ideas, but he didn’t like any of them. As he was about to go, he saw a video about digital marketing.


He researched more about Digital marketing and he liked that method he thought its very simple he can easily learn all this, and soon he will become successful.

At the start he worked very hard; he was excited about his work. He worked hard, but he wasn’t getting any results. Now it’s been one month still. He wasn’t achieving anything. After one month, he gave up on the idea.


He thought why shouldn’t I try something new. He started working on a new project, still he could not succeed. He wonders as people say they achieve success in a short time, but why I’m not getting it.


This was just the start of his failure. He kept on working and failing in his attempt. With each failure, he loses interest in his work. He doubts himself; he stared, believing that this is not meant for him; he is useless.


“success seems very easy to achieve but as you dive in it, then you realize it is like an ocean. Every time there will be a wave in the struggle”.


He was about to give up on his idea and dream. One day he reads one book on success, in that book he learns that what we see is not the genuine success. People work hard for a very long time.


“If you could get success in just 2 or 3 months, then everyone would have been successful. Success is not you achieve in a short time for that you need to work so hard, constant, and your hard work will pay you”.

He learned his biggest mistake, which was stopping him to move forward. He learned that he wasn’t working constantly. Once again, he started from the beginning from where he dropped his idea of becoming successful.


At the start, he faced a lot of problems, but he didn’t give up. He learned from his mistakes and kept working hard. As time passed, he realized that he is seeing progress in his work.


Finally, he achieved success over time. He realized what people talk about becoming a success in a very short time is fake. “Success depends upon your hard work, consistency, failures, learning from our mistakes, and never gives up on our dream”.


“The different faces of success are hard work towards your success, facing failure and pain but still working hard for success, because of pressure and stress not giving up on our success and passion”.


Learningdifferent faces of success story shows us the hidden face of our genuine success, which we never see. Looking at other’s success, we never notice the struggle behind their success. Success is not something which you get in a short time for that you need to work hard, consistently till you achieve success.


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