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Forgiveness Of Love New English Story

Forgiveness of love, Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities of a person. It’s very hard for us to forgive someone who has done wrong with us. As God says, where is forgiveness there is love.

Forgiveness Of Love New English Story
 Forgiveness Of Love

This is a story of two lovers, In the cycle of time, both become guilty of each other. There was pure love between them, which made them forgive each other.

 Forgiveness Of Love

A poor boy from the village had come for higher studies in the city. Boy’s dream was to be a successful person so he could live happily with his family

He fell in love with one girl from his college. Slowly they started dating each other and came closer to each other. They were together for 4 years in the same college. After graduation they made a promise with the girl that very soon he will marry her.

After graduation, the boy returned to his village, and he started working in his village. One day his father gets a heart attack. He took his father to the hospital doctor successfully cured his father, but the doctor told his father won’t live longer.

The doctor told him don’t give him any kind of stress, keep him always happy otherwise if he gets another stress or depression, then he will die from a heart attack.

The same night his father tells him I have seen a girl for you, and I want to see your marriage. His father told him as you were studying in the city, I made a promise with my friend that after graduation my son will marry your daughter.

The boy was about to tell his father that he loves someone else, but he remembers the doctor’s word that he should make his father happy, otherwise his father will die soon. As he sees his father smiling, he couldn’t refuse, and he agrees to get married to his father’s choice.

Sometimes as we want to live our life, it doesn’t go that way, a problem always comes to destroy our happiness. The same thing happened with the boy.

One day he had one important meeting in the city. He went to attend that meeting, but by the change; he meets his first love in the meeting. The girl was lucky that she met him after a long time.

After the meeting, they met at a restaurant, and the girl started talking happily with him. He tells her now we settle us both in our life, now we should marry each other. The boy wanted to tell her that he is married, but he cannot express his feeling.

He lies from the girl, and return to his village. One day the girl plans to visit the boy and give him a surprise. The girl has no idea she will get the surprise. Asking everyone she reaches his home.

There she saw his wife. Then she asks her who are you? this is Akash’s home. Akash is the name of the boy. His wife tells her I’m his wife. The boy arrives there, and he sees her wife and her love.

The boy starts explaining what happened to him, and he ends up marrying this girl. After listening to him both the girl starts to cry because he lied to both of them, and did not tell about this earlier.

Here we just can’t say who is right or who is wrong because this wasn’t planned it just happened. We can’t say the boy is wrong or both the girls are right at their place.

Learning: The forgiveness of love English story is based on the true incident; this story tells us that while choosing the correct path we should see the consequences of all the paths.

  •  Question: According to you who is right or who is wrong in this Forgiveness of love English story. Please let us know your thoughts on this story thank you.

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