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Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son

The bond between father and son is unbreakable. The bond between father and son builds on trust, love, belief, care, respect, honesty, support, and happiness.

Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son
Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son

Sometimes because of misunderstanding distances increases between father and son but their powerful bond and love vanishes all the misunderstanding and brings them close.

Heart Touching Emotional Story of Father and Son

This is a heart-touching emotional story of a father and his son. A father who raises his son, and makes him successful, but the son doesn’t understand his father’s sacrifices and leaves him. Late the son realizes his mistakes and comes back to his father and apologizes for his father.

One of the most important days in a man’s life is when he becomes a father. A father keeps lots of expectations from his son. A father will always want his son to be more successful in his life than him.

A father raises his child happily and fulfills all of his demands. He affords a beautiful life and high education for his son. The father wanted to be an engineer, but due to the family’s financial problem, he couldn’t become an engineer.

He provided higher education for his son so that his son can become an engineer. Immense love and support from a father, his son become an engineer.

Soon the boy gets a good job and gets settled in his carrier. The father was lucky now he can spend the rest of his life happily staying with his son.

The boy gets married, after the marriage he tells his dad now he can’t stay with him. The father wanted his son to stay with him, but the son left his father alone.

The father had so many expectations from his son, but his son doesn’t understand what his father wants from him until he leaves him alone.

The father doesn’t force his son to stay with him. He wanted his son to always stay happy, so the father agreed to his decision.

We all know that time is the biggest healer. As time passes everyone got used to their life. Now the son becomes a father.

As he became a father after that he realized the father’s love. He remembers all of his struggles and sacrifices of his father. He returns to meet his father.

He searches at his old house. But he couldn’t find his father, because his father had sold that home to someone else. He tried everything, but he didn’t find it. He was feeling hopeless and realizing all of his mistakes.

He went into the temple and prayed to God to forgive him for what he did in the past. As he was about to leave the temple, then he saw his father in the temple.

Seeing his father after a long time, he started crying and falls on his foot. The son asked his father to forgive him. The father pulled his son up and hugged him.

The father said I just wanted you to be happy in your life. When I saw you are not happy with my appearance, I felt bad about this and left the house.

The son replied I need a father’s love I can’t stay with you that’s why I came here to take you with me. The father answered I’m happy with my life I can’t go with you but anytime you wish to meet me you can meet me.

The father refused to go with him, Father said I have made lots of good friends like me, and now I want to stay with them for the rest of my life.

The son learned the biggest lesson of his life. He told this story to his son, like how he got detached from his father.

Learning: Heart touching emotional story of a father and his son's story gives us a large life lesson. The parents put lots of effort to make our life happy. As we grow up, we forget their sacrifices and leave him alone.

“This is our duty to make them feel proud, and take care of them for the rest of their life, never let them feel sad, always make your parents happy”.

  • How will you make your parents happy and make them feel proud? Let us know your answer.

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