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Million-dollar Dream Motivational English story

Dreams are attenable, for those who believe in their dreams. Most of us have a dream in their life but only a few people manage to grab their dreams. The ones who work hard to achieve their dreams are a successful person. The one who easily gives up on their dreams is unsuccessful in their life.

Million-dollar Dream Motivational English story

Million-dollar Dream

This is the story of a ‘Million-dollar dream’ of a boy. Where a boy work so hard to achieve his dream, and in the end, he achieves his Million-dollar dream.

Million-dollar Dream

A poor boy who lives in a slum area of Mumbai. As he was poor so he did not go to school. He used to work so that he could raise his family. He used to stay with his mom and a small sister. He had lost his father 2 years ago.

He used to love cricket as he was small, and his dream was to be a great cricketer. As he was poor so he gave up on his dream of becoming a cricketer. Every evening after work he goes to a cricket club just to watch players playing.

One day he got a job at the cricket club, without thinking anything he accepted the offer. His work was to clean the club and take care of the staff. 

Every night after work when everyone leaves the cricket club, he used to practice alone without telling this to anyone. One day as he practicing alone in the night someone observes him.

The next day he was serving tea to all the staff then one coach asks do you like cricket. He answered yes but I don’t have money to learn. 

In the evening the boy was watching practice, then the man calls him and asks him do you want to become a cricketer. The boy said, “yes”. The man tells him every night I watch you during practice. You are blessed with amazing talent.

I will train you to become a great trainer. The boy tells him I can’t because I work here to raise my family. If I don’t work, then my family will suffer. The man tells him you don’t worry about your family I will take care of them you just focus on your training.

The man starts his training. After one month under 16 cricket trails starts. The man tells him you need to perform well so that you get selected for under 16 teams.

This was the first failure of his life he doesn’t get selected in under 16 teams. The boy feels so frustrated. 

The man tells him it's not easy the way it looks, this your first failure. You are about to experience a lot more. They only way to tackle all these failures is to never give up on your dreams.

The man tells him one story. About 2 years ago he had a son. He was like you very hardworking. He was very good at cricket and wanted to play for team India. 

He worked so hard for under 19 cricket world cup selection. They didn’t select him, he was not able to bear the rejection, and he committed suicide. 

Whenever I see you, I think of my son. I lost my son but I don’t want you to lose. The boy starts crying and tells him I will become the world’s greatest cricketer.

The boy works so hard and gets selected in the under 19 cricket world cup. This was just the start of his journey, after one year he gets selected for team India. 

He creates so many world records. He finally achieved his Million-dollar dream to become a grates cricketer. 

During his retirement from cricket, he tells everyone his story of how he became so great. He mentioned that man is like a god for him who helped him to achieve his dream.

 He tells everyone no dream is big or small if you don’t give, keep trying, then one day you get success. Don’t leave your dream, you will face lots of failure in your life, but those failures will make you strong for further obstacles.

Keep working hard until you achieve your dream like I achieved mine.

LearningThe Million-dollar dream story gives us the lesson that we should have a dream. Until and unless you have a dream you can’t achieve it. If you gave a dream don’t think of other people what they say about your dream.

Achieve your dream, and prove them wrong.

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