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The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies English moral story

The beautiful bond between a boy and FirefliesFire files are awesome to see during night time. They glow like stars and radiate lights everywhere. Fireflies are not the same as other flies they have the unique ability like humans to radiate light.

The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies

As we humans also can emit light through our great work like fireflies emits light. 

 The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies

This is a story of a beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies. How they both help each other to move forward in life and provide light to everyone.


One day 10 years old boy was passing by a pond during night time, then he hears someone crying. The boy moves toward the pond but he finds no person but still, he can hear the voice.


As he looks down, he sees a small firefly. The boy asks Firefly, why are you crying? The small fly replies, unlike my other members I’m not able to radiate light when I fly.


When I rest in one place, then only I radiate light but if I try to fly, I fail to emit light. That’s why no one except me, and I’m left alone in this world. This is the reason why I am sad and crying.


The little boy tells a small fly this is the same scenario with me. I’m alone too in this world. I don’t know about my parents, even I don’t have friends. 


The little boy tells fly not to worry about your light, one day it will glow and it will be brighter than others light. Life is beautiful but it is not easy, we need to keep trying until we get success in our life.


When I was small, I had no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no shelter to stay. Life was hard to survive but I did not give up I tried to live the life. There are lots of things in this world to learn.


An old man adopted me from the road he raises me big, and he taught me not to give up on life. At the start, it will look like a burden but it makes us strong to survive.


If you get used to it then you will never get afraid of your problem. You will see it as an opportunity. 


The small Firefly understands what a boy is about to tell him. the small fly makes a promise with a boy like you I will not run from my problems I will face it. One day I’ll become a great fly.


The fly flew away, and the boy moves toward his home. The boy every day goes near the pond and talks with the small Fireflies. But still, the fly wasn’t able to emit light. 


One day at night the boy sees a bright light glowing near the pond. He ran toward the pond and saw his friend's small fly is glowing and radiating brighter light.


Looking at small fly all the fireflies come near the bond. The first time the boy sees a beautiful light of fireflies.


The small fly comes near the boy, and tells him thanks for inspiring me, I would be like trash if you would have not inspired me. because of you today I got my members back.


The boy says it is all work hard work and believes which made you glow like a star. Now you are the brightest fly over here.


The make a promise with firefly unlike you one day I will become great. The boy and flies successfully move in their life and stayed happily.


Learning: The beautiful bond between a boy and Fireflies, an English moral story gives us a very important lesson in our life. Problems will come and go, but it depends upon us how we see our problems. 


If we look at our problem as an opportunity, then we will easily get success in our life.


If we see our problem as Burden, then no matter how hard we try we will never achieve success in our life. 


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