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The little Flying Bird English kid story

Our nature is beautiful, it has all kind of creatures, plants, beauty, ocean, etc. Everyone is happy with nature. But we humans are constantly destroying the beauty of our nature. 

The little Flying Bird English kid story
The Flying Bird

This is a story of a flying bird, who describes the reality of human beings how we are destroying our beautiful nature. 

 The Flying Bird

Once upon a time one small bird used to live with all his friends in the forest. One day in the afternoon elephant, rabbit, deer, bear, horse, and all animals were discussing forest beauty.


A small bird joins the party and tells everyone city life is beautiful than this forest life. There are lots of things to see and visit. 


Everyone tells humans have destroyed our nature, and they are living happily by destroying our nature. The way city looks is not like our beautiful forest. 


The small bird tells everyone I will visit the city, and check it myself which is a better place forest or city. Everyone warns small birds not to leave the forest otherwise she will have to face lots of problems.


The bird without listening to everyone flies toward the city. At night she reaches in the city. She gets amazed by the night lighting. Beautiful night view of the city the bird thinks it’s much more beautiful than our forest.


The next morning, she searches for the food everywhere. Everywhere she goes she finds the tall building, factories, construction, etc. she hardly finds any tree to stay.


As she flies ahead, she sees all the animals are locked in the cage, and people are making fun of them. She goes and talks with a parrot who he ends up staying here.


Parrot tells humans are very selfish for their living and enjoyment they are cutting down the forest. Putting all the animals in the cage. They are taking our freedom away from us.


As she flies ahead due to lots of pollution, she finds it difficult to breathe. Everywhere noise no food to eat. Small boys throwing rocks on her for fun. Spending one day in the city becomes very difficult for her.


She can’t spend one day happily in the city, finally, she decides to leave the city, and go back to the forest. 


He returns to the forest and describes the exact scenario of the city. How badly humans have destroyed our nature and us. She takes a promise that she will never return to the forest. 


When everyone asks her how was living in the city. She explains it very hard to get food and water. River water is so that dirty it’s not drinkable. All the sewage and dirt fall into the river. 

No marine life can survive longer in the river. Water gets poisonous day by day.


The air temperature is increasing very fast. Air is not good for breath all the toxic elements are present in the air. Lots of noises from vehicles, factories, construction, etc. 


They have cleared all the trees no tree in the city. All the animals are in prison. The land is covered with cement roads. There is no sun’s light to reach on the ground.


 They always fight with each other for their good. No one thinks about others everybody is busy with their goods.


We animals are better than humans at least we take care of each other. we are way better than those humans.


Everybody gets surprised because no one had ever heard these things about humans. Everybody praises her for the knowledge she has given to everyone.


Learning: The flying bird, this story tells us how badly we humans have destroyed our nature in the name of development. If we don’t stop, then one day we might lose our motherland Earth forever.

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