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The Power Of Forgiveness Short New English story

The Power of forgiveness is the greatest quality of any human being. We all do mistakes in our life, sometimes we feel guilty about our inappropriate behavior. The person who forgives others and moves forward is the strongest.

The Power Of Forgiveness Short New English story
The Power of forgiveness

This is a story of two friends Sam and Andy, where Sam always creates problems for everyone but Andy always comes forward to save Sam, and he takes all the blame on himself.

The Power of forgiveness

One day Sam asks Andy to help him because he was about to create a big problem for everyone. Andy refuses to help Sam on his plan, Sam got angry, and he broke his friendship with Andy.

After two days, Sam realized that he has done something bad with people and Andy. He was guilty of himself, and he begs everyone for forgiveness, but no one forgives him.

He meets one priest and tells him everything that happened with him. He asks the priest to show him a path so that everyone could forgive him.

The priest suggests to him first you should ask forgiveness from your friend. If he forgives you, then everyone will forgive you, because he was the one who had been saving you from all your mistakes.

He goes to meet Andy and asks him to forgive him for what he did to Andy. Andy smiles and forgives him and says I was never angry with you, but I wanted to make you realize that you have been doing wrong.

Now you have understood your mistakes and accepted it, I am happy for you, and we will together ask everyone to forgive us.

Slowly and steadily everyone forgives him, now he helps others and teaches everyone to Power of forgiveness.

“The person who forgives others is the strongest among all humans everyone does not possess because of the power of forgiveness”

LearningThe Power Of Forgiveness story tell us Forgiving others will not show us big or small, but it will help us forget everything and move forward. The power of forgiveness is a gift to change others and our life.

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