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The Sad joker True English Story

The sad jokerThe person who always laughs smiles, and stays happy doesn’t mean he is happy in his life. In today’s world, most of us hide our sad faces behind their unreal happy face.

The Sad joker True English Story
The sad joker

 As we see joker on stage who make us laugh every time, but behind that smiley face we fail to see his struggle, sadness, and an alone person. 

 The sad joker

This is a story of a sad joker who makes everyone happy in their life, but deep down he is always alone, sad, and broken. 


This is the story of a man who used to stay alone and always search for good work for his survival. The everyday day he works but at the end of the day, he finds himself alone and broken.


He was very good at making people laugh through his actions. But making others laugh will not get him food and shelter, so he kept everything within him.


One day he was walking on the road in search of work, but that day he didn’t get any work. One man saw him, and asked him are you searching for work?


The man without any hesitation replied yes, I am searching for work. I will do any kind of work good or bad just give me work.


The second man replied I need a man who can work as a joker in my show. You need to make everyone laugh through your actions will you be able to do it.


The man said I will try my best to make everyone laugh. He wears a joker’s costume and goes to perform on the stage. He had no idea, what he is going to do?


He doesn’t say a single word but with his actions he made everyone laugh. The next day, he was trending in the newspaper with his unique name the, ‘sad joker’.


The owner of a circus came to meet this man, and he signed a contract of 1 million dollars with him. Luckily the man got rid of all his problems and now he was ready to shine in the world.


Day by day he became more popular all over the globe. People all over the world come to watch his shows. He became so famous that people started knowing him as a ‘sad joker’.


One day he was requested to attend one interview. He went for the interview, their interviewer asked him why you make everyone laugh but why people call you a sad joker?


Beautifully he answered the question, it doesn’t mean who looks happy is happy from inside. Everyone has two faces hidden in themselves. 


The fake face is filled with happiness, love, money, and all kind of wealth. This fake face people show it to everyone.


The real face is filled with sadness, alone, broken, empty, and Imperfectness. They hide this from everyone only they know it.


In my acts I bring the real faces of people, I show them the reality of humans begins. Hen people see the reality they don’t accept or believe, and they start to laugh. 


They call me sad joker because I bring the sad act, I keep the real face of my life and people like to laugh at others' problems.


The interviewer got amazed by his answer. After one month ‘The Sad Joker’ book is published. This book was written by the interviewer.


It became one of the most selling books of all time. In that book, she wrote the autobiography of the sad joker.


In that book, he had written one of the most important messages were given by sad joker, ‘we should always show people our real face no matter how bad we look, in the end, everyone will know the real you and you get the inspiration for others’.


Learning: The sad joker English story tells us about the human’s nature. We should understand the real and fake faces of people.


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