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The Search For Happiness Moral short kid English story

The search for happiness, Happiness is one of the unique aspects of our life. Without happiness, life is like a blank paper or a book. We often see the happiest people are unique and successful people.

The Search For Happiness Moral short kid English story
The Search For Happiness

How do we define happiness? We usually see people define happiness with other’s wealth, beauty, livings, prosperity, and many more things. Is this the definition of true happiness?

The Search For Happiness

The search for happiness is a short English story of a crow where we will know the exact meaning of happiness. How can we stay happy in our life with what we have?

Once upon a time, there was one black crow, and he used to stay very sad because of his black color. Whenever he sees other animals and birds, he feels jealousy.

He always believes that he is the most unhappy creature in this world. Other creatures are happier than him, they stay happy.

One day the crow visits a saint and the black crow asks him why god made him black, whereas other animals have beautiful color, and they are happy.

The saint looks carefully at the crow, and then he asks the crow to go in a search of the happiest creature. If the crow finds the happiest creature, then the saint will change his black color.

The black crow becomes thrilled, and he flies in search of the happiest creatures. He sees a swan swimming in a pond. He goes there and asks swan you have a beautiful white color you must be the happiest creature in the world.

The swan replies this white color is of no use for me, look at the sky it’s the same as me. I hate myself because sometimes I don’t get food to eat.

The black crow flies from there and comes in the forest. Everywhere is greenery he couldn’t see anyone, then he sees a parrot on the tree. He goes near the parrot and asks the parrot you might be the happiest creature in this world.

The parrot replies, is this a lucky life, you think? You didn’t even see me in this green forest. My green color gets a mix in this. The parrot says I’m not happy with my life.

The crow moves forward, and he meets peacock. The crow asks peacock you have beautiful wings, a beautiful color body you must be the happiest creature in this world.

The peacock says hunters always search for me to hunt. I have to run from them to save myself. They are behind my beautiful features. I don’t have peace in my life. Every day I have to save my life to survive.

Frustrated crow asks the peacock, then who is the happiest creature in this world. The peacock says the happiest creature is you.

You don’t have to run to save your life from hunters. No one can keep you in the cage until you have freedom. We can see you in the forest and in the sky. People feed you, you have no problem in your life. You are the happiest creature in the world.

The crow returns to the saint and tells him I understood what you were trying to explain to me.

The saint tells him everyone has problems in their life. When we see others, we think they are happier than us. We can never tell that he is suffering from which problem.

“We should always stay happy with what we have, and what we are”.

We often get sad when we see that someone is having more than us but we never know that is might not be the happiest even if he has everything. We should stay happy, not by judging others.

Learning: The search for happiness, Kid story, defines happiness in a simple word that we should not judge others just because they have everything, they might the happiest person.

 We choose our way of happiness, it’s we who decide whether we have to stay happy with what we have? And who we are?

  • What does happiness mean in your life or the reason to always stay happy? Please let us know, what is your thought over happiness?

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