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Three Golden Magical Words Of Life Fairy Tale English story

Three golden magical words of life, story teach us the three most important lessons of our life. As time passes the life changes, we should judge nobody by their appearance.

Three golden magical words of life   

As we grow in life, we learn so many new things. While learning we make so many mistakes and we learn from them. The important thing is that what we have learned we should never forget that learnings. we should implement those learnings in our life to make it better.

Three golden magical words of life

Once upon a time, a king has three 3 sons. His sons were grown, but the king always used to worry about them. The king always worries that after his death, their son might not rule his kingdom.

One day the king was sleeping at night, so an angle comes into his dream, and the angel tells him god has sent me to help you. The god is impressed by your kindness, so he sends me here to help you. You can ask me anything I will help you.

The king said I have everything given by god; I just need one small help. My sons are not mature, I want to teach them life lessons. The angle tells the king,’ Three golden magical words’ this will help his sons to learn life lessons.

The next morning the king calls his sons to him and asked them to do one small work. The king tells them you have to search a peach tree on the mountain. Once you find that tree, bring his fruit.

The first son said this is a straightforward task, we can easily do this. The king said you will not go together. Each of you will go after three months, one after the other. All his sons agreed with what the king said to them to do.

The first son goes on a journey in a search of peach fruit. He returns within one day. He goes to meet the king, but the king says you all come together when you get the fruits.

After three months the second son goes on the journey, he too returns within one day. As the king said the third son went after three months in a search of fruits. After six months, all three sons come back to the king.

The king asks them now to show me the peach fruits which you got. The first son says I went on a mountain, and I saw a peach tree, but there were no fruits and leaves on the tree. I bought his broken part of the tree.

The second son replies, you might have seen the wrong peach tree. I have seen a peach tree on the mountain but there were no fruits on the tree but it has leaf and flowers. I bought the leaf of the peach tree as proof.

Now the third sons say you both must have seen the wrong tree because I have brought the peach fruit. All the three sons discuss among themselves; how did he get the peach trees. Whereas there were no fruits on the tree.

The king tells them you all have seen the right peach tree. Peachtree takes 6 months to bloom, and I have sent you all at different times. So, whatever you have seen id true.

At the start, it has no flowers and leaf on the tree but after three months the leaf and flowers started growing on the tree. After three months, the tree started bearing fruits on the tree.

The king said to his sons, “I wanted to teach you all the Three golden magical words of life”.

The first golden magical words of life are that you have learned from this is we should wait till the end. We should not be in a hurry, we should observe it, analyze things properly, and then conclude.

The second golden magical words of life are that you have learned from this task is, we should not judge too quickly. Before judging anyone, we must know its past life and present life. Judging too quickly will have to give us the wrong information. We should know everything and then properly decide.

Last, the third golden magical words of life are that time does not wait for anyone. Times change, and with the flow of time, person, environment, and life changes. Just like that peach tree, at the start, it has no fruits and flowers, but as time passed it started bearing fruits and gets converted into a beautiful tree.

He taught these three golden magical words of life to his sons given by the angel. Now the king is happy that his sons have learned the grates lesson of their life. Now the king can die in peace.

Learning: Three golden magical words of life story, teach us three important life lessons like Wait till the end, do not judge too quickly, person changes with the time they never stay the same.

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